19 years and counting…

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Happy.. Tired.. Sad.. Grateful…talking about mixed emotions!

I just had a tiring but very fun weekend with my best of friends since primary school.  It’s been 19 years since we started to become friends.  We even discussed it if it’s 18 or 19 years and after a thorough analyses, we came to a decision that it’s totally 19 years.  😉

We are a group of 8 lovely girls, initially formed when we were in grade 2.   I remember I was a newbie at school and through my cousin, Ina, I met Sanzot and Blessie.  The group gradually grew into 8 talented, smart, pretty girls (haha…just telling the truth!), including Jean2x, Dacs, Mich, and Tosca.

we were typical kids back then..parang mga batang yagit..haha

These girls completed my elementary days.  We used to sing Spice Girls song together, watch out for our crushes, study together, and talk about anything under the sun.

I remember when I didn’t want to go to Negros to attend the National Schools Press Conference because I was going alone without any of my friends.  You know what they did aside from giving me encouraging words?  They wrote me letters and told me to read it when I’m already on the plane.  When I thought about it now, it sounds corny but sweet!  I’m not sure though if they still remember doing it..haha..but I do.  It’s a memory worth keeping.

However, we sort of parted ways after our graduation.  I transferred to a different school while the rest of them stayed in the same school.  I think everybody would believe me when I say high school molds our personality more than the primary school.  Anybody can change through high school and anything can happen.

We barely see each other during those 4 years but they never forgot me.  Nothing changed.  It has always been the same every time we see each other.  We are still the same loud kids we used to be. haha….  Sometimes I feel that I’ve missed a lot not going to the same school with them but they didn’t make me feel that way.  And that’s how I appreciated them more. They never treated me differently.  So our friendship continues…

way back in high school..see the improvement? 😀

Now that we are all professionals and are totally apart from each other (some are now based in other countries), we seldom see each other but when we do, it is LEGENDARY!  😉

Just like this weekend, Blessie, Dacs, Sanzot, and I had a blast!  Why so?

Lunch at Robinson’s Ermita – An afternoon at Manila Ocean Park – Malling and dinner at SM MOA – Drinks at Sofitel – Sleepover at Dac’s place – Brunch the following day at Sonya’s Garden in Tagaytay.

When we parted ways, I felt sad because it would probably take years before we see each other again but grateful at the same time for having such great friends.

missing Mich...



Be close to nature..Be at Pranjetto Hills Resort

•April 2, 2011 • 2 Comments

If you’re working and living in Manila, days can be really toxic sometimes. Not just because of work but because of traffic, pollution, and too much people.

Thus, spending a day or two away from the busy life of the city totally helps. A friend of my friend owns a resort in Taytay, Rizal (only 2 hours away from Manila) and she invited us to spend the day!

Pranjetto Hills Resort is the place to be. It’s very close to nature.

The place is so big that you can go hiking to enjoy nature at its best.

the air feels sooooo good! very windy and cold..

there's your view..isn't it amazing?

When we were on top, we enjoyed the windy air and the view so much that we didn’t notice that lunchtime has already passed by.  Late lunch it is!

For food, you can bring your own lunch basket or you may buy from their cafeteria.

yes..the cafeteria has a billiard table..cool!

Wait! There’s more!  =)

They have an olympic sized pool with zorbs!

You can also ride the zipline, go wall climbing, and play paint ball with your friends .

don't let this picture scare you..it still comes with the 'belt' thingy..hehe

check out their rates

They can also accommodate conferences, corporate team buildings, weddings, and much more.

But the best part of it all is the fresh air. Totally not like Manila!

Call now for reservations!

Hachiko: A Dog’s Tale

•February 20, 2011 • 4 Comments

It’s already 2:20 in the morning but I still can’t sleep or else I will be waking up with swollen eyes. I just finished watching the movie Hachiko and as I’ve expected, I cried hard over it. I think everybody who watched it did.

I’m not really a dog lover but I find Hachiko a very touching movie. This is because Hachi is not just an ordinary dog. His loyalty to his master (Parker) was overwhelming. If only people can also be like that.

They say dogs are men’s bestfriends. If you are having doubts about it, watch Hachiko and you will believe.  How did Parker find Hachi?  They actually found each other.

I just love how he bonded with Parker, his master. He walks with him to the train station every morning and waits for him at the same spot every afternoon.  So sweet!

One day, Hachiko was behaving strangely. Suddenly, he did not want to walk to him to the station and for the first time, he played fetch. He did everything to make Parker stay. He knew. He felt it that something’s going to happen to his master..that he’s going to die.

But even after Parker died, he continued with the same routine for 10 years even if he is already old and walks slower and slower. He used to run to the station eagerly and excited.

The movie is based on a true story. Hachiko was born in Japan and 2 years after, his master died. He’s been waiting in the station eversince until he died. In April 1934, a bronze statue in his likeness was erected at Shibuya Station.

Everybody’s Fine

•February 13, 2011 • 2 Comments

As I am writing this post, my eyes are still swelling from crying.  I’ve bought a dvd of the movie “Everybody’s Fine” starring Robert De Niro, Drew Barrymore, Kate Beckinsale, and Sam Rockwell a few months ago but I just watched it today.

It’s basically a movie about a family. Frank (Robert De Niro), the father, was expecting her children to visit him for the weekend 5 months after his wife died. But as the weekend came, it turned out that all of them were unable to make it. So he decided to go on a road trip to visit each one of them even if his doctor does not permit him.  He prepared an envelope for each of them before he left home.

His first stop was David in New York.  He is a painter whom he forced to be an artist when he was a kid.  However, when he got to his apartment, nobody was home.  He waited overnight but David never came home so he just slipped the envelope under his door with a note and proceeded to Chicago to visit his daughter, Amy (Kate Beckinsale).

Amy is very successful in her career.  She has a very big and elegant house and she partly owns an advertising agency.  However, she’s separated with her husband but Frank doesn’t know about it. So they pretended that they are still together and she made up stories that they were busy and they won’t be able to entertain him while he’s there so Frank decided to go on with his trip to visit Robert (Sam Rockwell)  in Denver.

Frank went to Denver thinking that Robert is a conductor in an opera but when he visited his rehearsal, it turned out that he is not a conductor and he plays percussion (drums).  He was a little disappointed because all the while he thought he was a conductor but Robert pointed out that he, himself, is not disappointed because he likes what he is doing.  He kinda pushed his father to go see Rosie (Drew Barrymore) even if he wanted to spend time with him:  “I wanted to spend time with him. I am free tonight and tomorrow. I just can’t. I can’t”.

On his way to Las Vegas, Frank lost his medication when he encountered a gangster, whom he tried to help.  He tried to save what’s left but it was not enough.

When he reached his final destination, Rosie met him with a limousine.  She was bragging that she just had a lead performance in one show that just ended a week ago and she has a very beautiful apartment. Everything was going well when Frank heard somebody left a voice mail saying that he needs the apartment back very soon so he decided to go back home the following day.

While flying back home, Frank had a heart attack because he was unable to take his medicine.  He survived and all his children came home to visit him except David. He knew all along that his children were all lying to him.

Amy is separated and has a new boyfriend while Rosie has a baby and is in a relationship with another girl. Robert is not a conductor and did not have a show the night he visited him and David is missing.

It turned out that his children don’t tell him anything. They only talk to their mother because she is the listener while Frank is the talker. They felt that their father always pushes them hard and they did not want to disappoint him. Amy pushed him away when he visited because she was still trying to find out what happened to David. All the while, the 3 siblings were updating each other about David. They did not want to tell Frank unless they were sure.

David was caught taking drugs in Mexico. When he was caught, he took all the drugs left, which overdosed him and killed him.

Frank blamed himself for what happened to David but he dreamed of him saying it was not his fault. He went back to New York to buy his painting. The lady there told him that David once told her that if it was not for his dad, he won’t be an artist.  Then the lady showed Frank one of David’s painting in stock. It was a painting about Frank’s work: miles and miles of telephone wires.  It was a very beautiful painting showing how proud he is of his father.

They all love their father. They just don’t know how to show it because they grew up knowing that he expects a lot from them. Frank wanted them to talk and open up to him too especially now that their mother is gone.

“Your family is making its way in the world and you can be proud of your children and their achievements. And if you would ask me, I would have to say in all honesty, everybody’s fine..everybody’s fine”.

Despite everything, family is all what we’ve got.  Whatever happens, we have our family to turn to. Our parents may be too strict or may be too hard on us but they are just doing that knowing that that’s what’s best for us.

I am glad I finally watched this film. I love my family. They are my life and I would do anything for them.  🙂

The Black Swan

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Black Swan is another brilliant film. When I first heard of the title, I never thought that it is a psychological thriller type of movie.  It was CREEPY but REALLY GOOD.

Natalie Portman played the character of Nina Sayers, a very devoted ballet dancer who lacks passion when she dances.  She has the skill but she is always stiff and rigid when she performs.

The start of the movie will make you think but as the movie goes on, your questions get answered.  Questions like “where does Nina get the scratches at her back?” or “how come his fingernails bleed without her knowing it?”.

It turned out that she has like a split personality problem.  She hurts herself.  She scratches her back until it bleeds.  It’s probably because of her desire to be PERFECT.  Her mom was also a ballet dancer during her time but she had to quit early, thus, she focused on her daughter’s dreams instead.  Nina’s desire developed her DARK side.

At the end of the movie, Nina reached her dream.  She was a perfect Swan Queen but it had its heavy consequence.  I am not gonna tell the whole story because I don’t wanna be a spoiler.

However, I assure you that it’s a great watch.  It’s definitely not a feel good movie.  It will not make you happy either but will leave you fulfilled.

Natalie Portman is such a great actress.  She was really good. She played the 2 personalities really well.  I had to cover my face with a pillow in some scenes…CREEPY!!!

I guess what the movie is telling us is that we should not drown ourselves in our desires….. it may destroy us. 🙂

Good Food + Good Ambiance = Cafe Juanita

•January 29, 2011 • 2 Comments

I was first introduced to Cafe Juanita by my friend, Annie Mangisel, just this year but we tried the branch in Burgos Circle, The Fort that time.  My first impression was that the place’s design is unique and the food was great.  My friend said that the main branch is located in Pasig and the place was much better than the one in The Fort.

So when we were thinking of a place to celebrate my dad’s birthday, I immediately thought of Cafe Juanita in Pasig.  My dad is kinda hard to please when it comes to restaurants.  Bubba Gump, Itallianis, Chili’s are just okay for him.  He’s more like the ‘filipino food type’ of guy.  He likes Masas in Greenbelt.

BUT!  Cafe Juanita passed his standards with flying colors!  A+++!  He loved the place and the food.

However, before I was able to enjoy this place, I had to walk like 1 kilometer to get there!  I came from Shangrila Mall and I was supposed to ride a jeep but I had no luck with all the people on the streets waiting as well.  No cabs too!  So, the only solution was to walk.  I was starving by then so you can’t blame me for walking.  😉

Anyway, entering the restaurant is like traveling to other countries and witnessing different cultures.  It is decorated with stuffs that look like they came from different parts of the world.  My first thought was, maybe the owner is a traveler and every time he goes to a certain place, he brings something from there for the resto.  Me and my imaginations… Oh well, see for yourself.

The tables and chairs also vary.  They are not identical like the usual restaurants and they make you feel like you are just dining at home.  They have like booth type areas too but again, very different from the others.

Now, let’s proceed to the best part – the FOOD!  The food is great. They are a little bit expensive (for me) but they are worth the price.  We had Kare-Kare ni Juanita, Ginataang Gulay, Deep Fried Lapu-Lapu with Tamarind Sauce, and Sticky Toffee Pudding for dessert.  Each serving is good for 2-3 people but they were more than enough for the 3 of us that we had to have a doggy bag going back home.  All tummies full!

Kare-Kare ni Juanita (Php495)

Ginataang Gulay (Php193)

Deep Fried Lapu-Lapu with Tamarind Sauce (Php524)

Sticky Toffee Pudding (Php89)

Therefore, I conclude, that YOU ALL TRY CAFE JUANITA!  It is in #19 West Capitol Drive, Barrio Kapitolyo, Pasig (632-0357).  🙂

Going the Distance.. can you make it?

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Going the Distance starring Drew  Barrymore as Erin and Justin Long as Garrett is a movie about long distance relationships. Erin is in San Francisco while Garrett is in New York. They actually started okay. They call each other and talk through video calls everyday. They so love each other but it reached the point of career versus love.

What would you choose?

Some people would be so blind that they would give up everything for love. That was what Erin decided to do but Garrett was wise enough to think otherwise.  After months of sacrificing of being apart, they decided to break up.  Garrett didn’t want Erin to give up everything for him and resent him eventually for making her do it (which is a good point).  And as Garrett said in the movie, “”If we can’t see each other every 3 months, it’s not a relationship”. Sad, right?  I know…

I have friends who are in a long distance relationship and from my point of view, I think they’re surviving.  But if you’ll ask me, I’m not quite sure if I can make it.  My dad and mom, for instance, are now in a long distance relationship after all these years.

Anyway, going back to the movie.  Garrett eventually moved to LA, which is much closer to San Francisco – 1-hour plane ride…6 hours by bus..and 18 hours by hot balloon.  And they got back together!

So the movie just showed that long distance relationships do not work but meeting halfway does.  But who knows?  You just have to make it work!  =)

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