On Mozilla Firefox 4…

I’ve been a Mozilla Firefox user for years but I never tried to explore its features and add-ons before.  I just use it as a regular browser like as long as I can open the sites, I’m good.

But when the Firefox 4 came out, I took time to explore what it can offer and how it would make my browsing experience easier.  It does have a lot of add-ons and features but of course, it would depend on the user’s needs.

My favorites are Persona, App Tabs, Apture Highlights, and the one where you can do a screenshot and annotate it at the same time (i forgot the name).

PERSONA is basically dressing up your browser.  There are a lot of themes to choose from.  It can be your favorite singer, color, or favorite tv show!  My mood practically lit up every time I open my firefox browser because of my chosen theme (too bad I can’t apply it at work).

APP TABS is giving a permanent home to websites that you always open like a permanent tab.  But aside from it, there are more great features on Tabs worth checking out.

APTURE HIGHLIGHTS  is when you highlight a phrase to get instant information from Wikipedia, YouTube, Twitter, and more without opening a new page.

The above screenshot was created with the use of the other add-on I like (forgot the name..sorry).  Once you have the shot, you can annotate it right away.  See the red circle and arrow on the above picture?  So cool!

To make the story short, I am enjoying Firefox 4!  Download/Upgrade now!


~ by itsmeela on April 17, 2011.

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