Be close to nature..Be at Pranjetto Hills Resort

If you’re working and living in Manila, days can be really toxic sometimes. Not just because of work but because of traffic, pollution, and too much people.

Thus, spending a day or two away from the busy life of the city totally helps. A friend of my friend owns a resort in Taytay, Rizal (only 2 hours away from Manila) and she invited us to spend the day!

Pranjetto Hills Resort is the place to be. It’s very close to nature.

The place is so big that you can go hiking to enjoy nature at its best.

the air feels sooooo good! very windy and cold..

there's your view..isn't it amazing?

When we were on top, we enjoyed the windy air and the view so much that we didn’t notice that lunchtime has already passed by.  Late lunch it is!

For food, you can bring your own lunch basket or you may buy from their cafeteria.

yes..the cafeteria has a billiard!

Wait! There’s more!  =)

They have an olympic sized pool with zorbs!

You can also ride the zipline, go wall climbing, and play paint ball with your friends .

don't let this picture scare still comes with the 'belt' thingy..hehe

check out their rates

They can also accommodate conferences, corporate team buildings, weddings, and much more.

But the best part of it all is the fresh air. Totally not like Manila!

Call now for reservations!


~ by itsmeela on April 2, 2011.

2 Responses to “Be close to nature..Be at Pranjetto Hills Resort”

  1. Can i know wheres the exact place of this resort?

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