Everybody’s Fine

As I am writing this post, my eyes are still swelling from crying.  I’ve bought a dvd of the movie “Everybody’s Fine” starring Robert De Niro, Drew Barrymore, Kate Beckinsale, and Sam Rockwell a few months ago but I just watched it today.

It’s basically a movie about a family. Frank (Robert De Niro), the father, was expecting her children to visit him for the weekend 5 months after his wife died. But as the weekend came, it turned out that all of them were unable to make it. So he decided to go on a road trip to visit each one of them even if his doctor does not permit him.  He prepared an envelope for each of them before he left home.

His first stop was David in New York.  He is a painter whom he forced to be an artist when he was a kid.  However, when he got to his apartment, nobody was home.  He waited overnight but David never came home so he just slipped the envelope under his door with a note and proceeded to Chicago to visit his daughter, Amy (Kate Beckinsale).

Amy is very successful in her career.  She has a very big and elegant house and she partly owns an advertising agency.  However, she’s separated with her husband but Frank doesn’t know about it. So they pretended that they are still together and she made up stories that they were busy and they won’t be able to entertain him while he’s there so Frank decided to go on with his trip to visit Robert (Sam Rockwell)  in Denver.

Frank went to Denver thinking that Robert is a conductor in an opera but when he visited his rehearsal, it turned out that he is not a conductor and he plays percussion (drums).  He was a little disappointed because all the while he thought he was a conductor but Robert pointed out that he, himself, is not disappointed because he likes what he is doing.  He kinda pushed his father to go see Rosie (Drew Barrymore) even if he wanted to spend time with him:  “I wanted to spend time with him. I am free tonight and tomorrow. I just can’t. I can’t”.

On his way to Las Vegas, Frank lost his medication when he encountered a gangster, whom he tried to help.  He tried to save what’s left but it was not enough.

When he reached his final destination, Rosie met him with a limousine.  She was bragging that she just had a lead performance in one show that just ended a week ago and she has a very beautiful apartment. Everything was going well when Frank heard somebody left a voice mail saying that he needs the apartment back very soon so he decided to go back home the following day.

While flying back home, Frank had a heart attack because he was unable to take his medicine.  He survived and all his children came home to visit him except David. He knew all along that his children were all lying to him.

Amy is separated and has a new boyfriend while Rosie has a baby and is in a relationship with another girl. Robert is not a conductor and did not have a show the night he visited him and David is missing.

It turned out that his children don’t tell him anything. They only talk to their mother because she is the listener while Frank is the talker. They felt that their father always pushes them hard and they did not want to disappoint him. Amy pushed him away when he visited because she was still trying to find out what happened to David. All the while, the 3 siblings were updating each other about David. They did not want to tell Frank unless they were sure.

David was caught taking drugs in Mexico. When he was caught, he took all the drugs left, which overdosed him and killed him.

Frank blamed himself for what happened to David but he dreamed of him saying it was not his fault. He went back to New York to buy his painting. The lady there told him that David once told her that if it was not for his dad, he won’t be an artist.  Then the lady showed Frank one of David’s painting in stock. It was a painting about Frank’s work: miles and miles of telephone wires.  It was a very beautiful painting showing how proud he is of his father.

They all love their father. They just don’t know how to show it because they grew up knowing that he expects a lot from them. Frank wanted them to talk and open up to him too especially now that their mother is gone.

“Your family is making its way in the world and you can be proud of your children and their achievements. And if you would ask me, I would have to say in all honesty, everybody’s fine..everybody’s fine”.

Despite everything, family is all what we’ve got.  Whatever happens, we have our family to turn to. Our parents may be too strict or may be too hard on us but they are just doing that knowing that that’s what’s best for us.

I am glad I finally watched this film. I love my family. They are my life and I would do anything for them.  🙂


~ by itsmeela on February 13, 2011.

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