A trip to Tagaytay..

I’ve been living in a share a condo unit with 8 other people (minus my sister) in Makati for a year already and believe it or not we haven’t had the chance to go out together in all those months. NOT..until last weekend. Yup! Finally!!!  😉

We went to Tagaytay last saturday night..spent the night there and enjoyed some tourists spots the following day. We stayed at a place called  Foggy Heights Villa. It was very affordable. It is like a townhouse for rent with 2 floors, 3 bedrooms, 3 comfort rooms, a living room, kitchen, a garage area, and has its own gate – very suitable for groups of 7-10 people.

We rented a van for the trip, which made it easier for us to go around and our first stop was…

Splendido Tagaytay…

We were actually not familiar with this place and I guess it’s not even a tourist spot but our driver recommended it. He just drove us there and when we got there, we automatically understood why he insisted….

The view from there balcony was beautiful

Next stop…

The Woodsborough Log Homes

Again, this is not one of the popular spots in the city. We just passed by it and we found the houses nice so we decided to drop by and made use of our cameras and our smiles… 🙂

Time to proceed to..

The Picnic Grove!

So what’s with the Picnic Grove?

A breath taking view of the Taal Volcano

It was a hot, tiring morning which made us hungry even if it was not yet time for lunch. So off we went to LZM Resto where we had boneless bangus, sinigang, and chopsuey. In terms of food, I highly recommend this place but in terms of service, they kinda “sucks”. The food tasted really good but the waiter who was attending to us was “rude”. He looked like he does not want us to order anything. Talking about customer service!!! But the good side is.. the waiter did not stop us from having fun.

Hungry and waiting pero smile pa rin…haha

Now that we are all full and charged up, it’s time for the next stop.. the People’s Park in the Sky!

Overlooking Tagaytay…

What do you think is down there? 😉

Yes..we are the Pineapple People… haha

and that is the last stop…we’re heading home..

So that’s about it. Our Tagaytay trip.. It was fun but I was expecting it to be cold but when we got there, it was like we didn’t leave Manila. It was so hot that I thought everything was just a dream…haha.. It got a little cold when it rained and the whole place was fogged (which was beautiful) but that was it. Still, we enjoyed ourselves and we enjoyed the place. That’s what matters. 😉


~ by itsmeela on October 11, 2008.

4 Responses to “A trip to Tagaytay..”

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  2. hi! how much per day in foggy heights villa? and where did you guys rent the van? do u still have their contact info both villa and van? thanks in advance

  3. please send us your map…

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