One Day

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So I just watched the movie One Day starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess. It’s a bit late and I should already be sleeping but I just have to blog about it before I hit the bed.

Anyway, I love the movie. It made me cry at one point but made me smile at the end. It’s about 2 strangers who spent the night together after their graduation. Nothing happened. They just literally slept together but that night led to a wonderful friendship.

The movie is based on a novel by David Nicholls. It showed the events of their lives every July 15th of each year after they met on the same date in 1988. They both run their own lives but they’ve kept in touch for years. When one is in sorrow, he/she turns to the other for support. They obviously have feelings for each other but they just remained friends until the year 2003.

Dexter (Jim) went to visit Emma (Anne) after he had a divorce and that’s when they finally got together as a couple. FINALLY! They were perfect together from then on and as they say, love based on friendship usually results to a good relationship.

However, after 3 years of being together and while they were trying to have kids, Emma died as she got hit by a truck while she was riding her bike to meet Dex. Emma’s death destroyed Dex. It was his father who had opened his eyes and made him realize that he should continue to live his life as if Emma was still alive.

Basically, the movie depicts true love. It shows the typical saying that if you’re meant for each other, then fate will eventually bring you together at some point. However, it also shows that nothing lasts forever. Life is too short to waste opportunities and blessings.

If you like tear-jerking movies, then I highly recommend One Day. I like it not because I enjoy crying over movies but maybe because I’m just a hopeless romantic. 😉

Anyway, I just started reading the novel and I’m excited about it! 🙂

Santas’ Conference

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About A Girl

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my new craze

Since all my favorite TV series are still on break, I tried to look for another comedy show that I can watch when I get bored and I discovered a relatively new show called About A Girl.

As per the title itself, it’s about a girl in college who ran out of a room/house to live in so she ended in a house with 4 guys as roommates.  It’s funny and entertaining. I like how the 4 guys protect and take care of the girl and how the girl adjusts to the guys.

It only has 13 episodes though and as I was writing this blog, I just discovered that it’s actually a Canadian show and it already ended..too bad.. 😦

Eye Candy

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I don't mind if the bus runs late when this sight is around. LOL


Gelato @ G.G. Gelati

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Last night, my cousin thought of having gelato. So right after dinner, we all went to Croydon in the southern part of Winnipeg to get gelato from G.G. Gelati!

lots of people came in to get gelato

We get to have 2 flavors so I got snickers and caramel!

it was really good!

After getting our gelatos, we just walked on the sidewalk eating. And as we were on our way home, we passed by Tim Hortons! It might not ring a bell, I know, but they say it’s like the national coffee shop of Canada. Everybody goes to Tim Hortons for coffee! They have Starbucks too but apparently, it’s not as famous here compared in Manila. So I will have to try Tim Hortons one day!

Tim Hortons - "canada's favorite coffee shop"

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